Gresham is a city that is east of Portland and is considered the fourth largest city in Oregon. It was named after a Civil War general Walter Quinton Gresham. Gresham city was only established after a local storeowner volunteered his shop to be used as a post office. It was required that if the 503 area code city wanted to be established as a city it was going to need a post office and postal code. Prior to a recognized postal code for the city it was just considered a campground. The forested site was considered a campground because individuals would just camp in the area before moving on to the major city of Portland.

This 503 area code city has a small economy supplying its residents with jobs. There are many independently owned small shops and many privately owned legal firms. Most firms in the area employ family law attorneys since Gresham is mostly a residential area. Small hospitals and the city of Gresham itself employ most of the residents. Recently there has been a rise in individuals moving into Gresham because of higher cost of living in Portland. Small families find Gresham to be much more affordable and family friendly because of its small town feel.