Beaverton received its name because of its proximity to a large body of water that was generated by beaver dams. As of 2010, Beaverton is the second largest city in Washington County and the sixth largest city in Oregon. Beaverton was named by Money magazine as one of the best places to live among smaller cities in the United States.

This 503 area code city proposed an interim plan in December of 2004 to lead Beaverton into becoming the second largest city in Oregon, just behind Portland. The plan is considered to support this 503 area code city’s strategy to have special districts within the city limits that provide urban services.

This interim plan was met with fierce opposition from Nike. Nike hired and employed several well-known lawyers to fight the interim plan. Nike’s lobbying and legal efforts was effective in keeping it from being annexed in Beaverton. Nike’s resistance has cost the city of Beaverton $360,000 in legal fees including the fees of lawyers in the city. This continued resistance from Nike has attracted many property lawyers into this 503 area code city.